Shanghai Dragon technology to improve the correct attitude towards learning the black hat Shanghai D

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later I began to study some black hat technique, found the so-called black hat is not completely no technical content of the "keyword stuffing", "key words" hidden "bridge gate page" (that are Nabuchushou go). Some black hat technique is very clever. You can see them, can come up with these techniques, it is with considerable understanding of the people on the search engine algorithm rules, and this kind of person, often is the real white + black hat Shanghai dragon master.

believe that all Shanghai dragon friends to enter the industry door, always listen to the "Shanghai Dragon don’t do black hat!" "black hat is Shanghai dragon circles contemptible behavior" and similar such advice. This is also a step by step from Shanghai dragon rookie to climb over (though still rookie), and everyone else, and every day the hair of the chain, write original, thought it would be a search engine that give good rankings, but when you have the original, but was a weight site collection higher than you, and the others do the wedding time; when the regular white hat you worked so hard to do, but when one or several black crown on the head, the mood is very awful.

learning Shanghai dragon does not need any code, only need to understand the simple HTML can, will send the typing line to see this advertisement tutorial, brother smiled, brother do not know do not know a code of Shanghai dragon how long can mixed in this circle. "Learning every day as long as the Shanghai dragon original + the chain on the line, do not do the black hat", heard these words, brother smiled, let alone every day of the original + the chain is a very boring thing, and you think you every day of the original + the chain search engine will not K one day of you? Mother to aunt will take you away. I can only say that Shanghai Dragon technology will want to improve, is a must read the code and the code, understand the basic rules of search engine, the ability to guess the algorithm is also a must! And learn the black hat Shanghai dragon, is the inevitable stage of Shanghai dragon Er advanced

a simple example of a new website to be a popular keywords, in the ordinary Shanghai dragon ER seems basically impossible, why, first, the website is a new domain name, new age is flawed! Must be accumulated to into the sandbox test and a period of time slowly accumulated weight; second, if not to the site with standing group of sprocket, so be sure to do a very hot words the game is fundamentally in quite a long period of time, while the station group and sprocket strictly belongs to the black hat and white hat of the gray cap strategy, and its investment is certain the problem. That is how advanced beginners should not always be able to stand? Do unpopular and long tail, that is clearly not challenging. So the novice to advanced into the master, one will.

statement first serious, "said here the following let the novice to learn the black hat principle", and not let everyone go to the real application, and to learn their ideas, flexible


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