On the analysis of the present situation and adjustment method of website optimization

four, the chain. The type of chain market today is diverse, forums, information network, blog and so on. Add a chain is very simple, the effect is bad. The high quality of the chain, can make the site several times to enter the search engine spiders crawl on the web site of the weight of the increase, help to a certain extent;

today, website optimization is not optimistic. The difficulty of optimization such as natural ranking, directly affect the optimization effect. Thus, the optimization of time bound by growth, also increased. Thus, the optimization of personnel many believe that after this is bound to be a chore. Indeed, the search engine algorithm of adjustment, the negative impact of the natural ranking website of big.

due to the optimization status now, how to get rid of, optimize personnel should be considered. The natural ranking optimization, itself is a chore. Must not only conform to the rules of search engine, and the need to spend a longer time. Effective adjustment, need from the following aspects to consider.

more than four points, is a magic weapon for website optimization, is white hat techniques. May, President of the time required. But the natural ranking effect is persistent. Natural optimization need time, need a better optimization method. Then, the optimization of personnel need having durability, maintain a good attitude. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

two, page structure is integrity. The website is perfect, on each page of the formation. A reasonable page is the need to consider multiple factors inside. So the secondary page, the need for effective classification. The location is important, right opposite as a minor. This order should be taken into account. Link to the page, also a set number of jump and jumped into the appropriate

The stability of The construction of

, a server. Any platform construction, need to the server as the basis, to carry out effective propaganda, is mainly aimed at the network industry. Therefore, fast, safe and stable server, effectively guarantee the website. If visitors open a website, more than three seconds, could be shut, is has certain scientific basis. Now the network users need a quick query, search to your needs;

three, the content of the page. At the beginning of the website optimization, is very easy to do. Simply add some content to be collected. Now the market website content, with a certain type of flooding. Are left in the copy right copy. Then, the content after repeated use, the lack of novelty. This is the search engine, has a certain sense of confusion, the effect will be more small. The visitors into the site, is to rely on the content, to understand the website information. Therefore, in order to improve the readability of the content, the content of effective substance;

;Readability of

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