On the 28 Google PR SMS network from the 0 to the 4 leap of skills

Google Festival

PR recently updated, became a hot focus of discussion at leisure webmaster friends, from the PR update, with the past is different from the first, update the range of PR, the scope of the previous general increase or decrease is not obvious, and this is from 0 to 3, 4 direct leap, even 28 push directly from the 0 to 6 jump; followed by Google has a different approach for the old station, the old station not to update or even a PR domain name on the other side also retain the Google PR, and Google update from this point of view, if a site not update for a long time if PR is an inevitable decline, the most obvious is that from a long-term not update PR4 directly into the old station, no PR value.

popular information and information users pay more attention to the holiday season, such as NBA.

3, seize the popular information and

, pseudo original original

, a station on the quality of the update

the new update content must meet the requirements of the quality of search engines, or want to search engines and improve website weight, that is not a simple matter, even if the 28 SMS network do love Shanghai is not to face, has been included on the go, finally up, love Shanghai to a big update a, a lot of decline; fortunately Google is awesome, as long as do false original article it will soon be included, and give a better ranking.

is with search engine accepted the update method, it is not only conducive to Shanghai dragon, and the use of user experience, only a text of the article, look boring meaningless, slightly longer articles can read perhaps few illustrations, readers can not only relax mentality, and enhance the user for the understand. To update the article with pictures can be said to be a good thing for the web site, pseudo original can also deepen the quality of it, but with it still more time.

1 +

2, with

PR Google update, is of course a few happy tears! Although the Google PR for the reference value of the site of Shanghai dragon is more and more small, but the stationmaster spot for PR still stands, the most prominent is the exchange in Links, many webmaster or on the heavy, sometimes not often exchange success lies in PR disputes and views, although in the eyes of PR has not much significance, but others don’t think so. If this is your website PR up to 4, 5, I believe you get this in exchange connection link quality website would be much easier. In the exchange connection also have their own personal experience, 28 SMS network is a new station, but directly from PR4 to PR0, so as to reduce a lot of time and detours in exchange connection. Here’s what I is how to put a message directly to the site from 0 to 4:

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