The three elements of enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

chain and content of enterprise website>

now through the Internet sales business, there is a lot of foreign trade enterprises, these enterprises, in the choice of site space, it should give priority to choose foreign space, because such enterprises mainly face users from overseas, and if it is to do the domestic enterprises, the natural select domestic space and in the choice of space, can not find some private IDC suppliers, we find that the reputation of good quality IDC suppliers, because the stability of the space often determines the effect of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix based optimization, so in the choice of site space must not be reluctant to spend money, otherwise will directly affect the final operation of the website


two: website space is the foundation, according to the website space

proper choice of types of enterprises

before I was a business department in charge of IT, is also responsible for the maintenance of enterprise website, think of that time corporate website maintenance can be said to be very simple, as long as with the site, the enterprise website in line, then almost no matter what, the site for a year or two change that is normal, but only occasionally will release the latest news of some companies, it is only a few months at a time, so the enterprise website, spent a lot of money, but the marketing effect is poor! When the enterprise website is almost so, enterprise Internet station, is the largest swing facade, for partners, or potential customers know. Our company also has a website


for a business, when setting the site keywords, may feel there are many words, because the enterprise products or services to the project, often not one or two words to say, is not a simple keyword can be summed up, if set too wide range of keywords, construction it is not conducive to the content of the website, if set too thin, it may cause the enterprise website content is not complete, so the author thinks that the core position in the enterprise website, should be from the big direction, such as rubber and plastic industry, it should be to rubber rubber products to precision rubber products to electronic precision rubber products and so on this keyword progressive method, so it can be from large to small projects mainly cover the enterprise


three: optimization of

!But with the

a website: clear positioning, can not arbitrarily change the keywords set down


e-commerce this year has achieved rapid development, more and more enterprises, from the Internet changes, get a lot of benefits, it makes a lot of silence to the site as the facade of the business owners in the past, also want to explore the Internet, ready to start, the use of the Internet to bring more as a result, the website construction orders, the enterprises in the past, nature can not meet people’s needs, the author will talk about enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon three elements need to master

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