The station must update the original content is the best


1, collected articles or pictures of the integration of

did Shanghai dragon friends will think, love Shanghai love original content, but how to define the content of the "original"? You have not thought about this problem, which we write original content every day really is love Shanghai want? Whether it can bring benefits to the website or just a taste? In order to update and update

as can be seen from the above, we collected articles and there is no problem, but the problem is not to make any changes for the collection, so when we update the article after the main content is the need to pay attention to:

from the love of Shanghai "spark plan" to some officials, that love Shanghai emphasis on original content, but what kind of article is original and valuable articles? I believe love Shanghai did not give a clear answer; and in the second half of 2014, many webmaster will find the website the ranking is very difficult, often a large number of update some original content, and reached a certain stage, we will find that the update has been unable to promote again love Shanghai rankings, at this time, you would think, we update the content is necessarily the best

Layout optimization of

mentioned here mainly in order to improve the readability of the content, and indirectly improve the user viewing experience, this article layout optimization for Shanghai dragon Er is very clear, will not go into here.

5, pseudo Original: Shanghai does not love above we love irresponsible acquisition, so some people began to move from the original head of camouflage. After collecting content on the part of the keyword batch edit, attempting to make love in Shanghai that these are unique content, but the content is completely different, can’t even read this is not love love Shanghai, great risk. Or just said, love Shanghai not slice site collection content, the key is how to use the content and data acquisition, how to integrate into users and search engines need content is the webmaster should consider the content.

will be collected, here is the integration of the need for reasonable integration according to the keywords, and add some accessories (pictures, video) optimization.

2, the layout optimization for users to search, view

4, irresponsible acquisition: first need to clarify is that love Shanghai refuse to say the acquisition, refers to a copy of the existing content on the Internet, collection content without finishing all pushed to the line of "lazy" behavior. For the collected content for further processing, integration, high quality output of "rich content, no reason to refuse to love Shanghai. So, we say, love is not love Shanghai lazy acquisition of irresponsible behavior.


first we know love Shanghai official attitude to some station update: This article is from the "love Shanghai love" lazy acquisition behavior irresponsible

The integration of an article

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