From the word win the Shanghai Longfeng sentiment

: Shanghai dragon Er needs to have a concept of time


"die" can we explain as we optimize the staff need to have some sense of crisis. And a sense of crisis is really the key to success, so the "dead" in the words of the win at the beginning. We can say that in the process of optimization, Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, we are able to put a keywords ranking do go up, but often many optimization personnel lack of crisis consciousness, as long as the keywords go up can relax, do not continue to build high quality content and the chain. So for the optimization of personnel without a sense of crisis often will make you a winning broken disc.

is basically all the industry practitioners if you want to succeed must have good communication skills. We in the core position in the word "win", its importance is self-evident compared. For our Shanghai dragon Er is higher. We can say that the communication ability than our optimization technique to the more important, we need to communicate with the programming staff, need to communicate with our customers, we also need to communicate with your boss in charge of the summary and analysis of our results and process optimization.

port: Shanghai dragon Er needs communication skills

We can say that

"win" is the word we most want to see in the work or the life of words. Everyone needs to get their own success. As an optimization personnel if not want to win the competition in mind, it is impossible to accomplish something in the optimization. I put the word apart today, found that the above contains a few experiences we optimize, first we put the word "win" the disintegration of the specific analysis, as shown below.

Shanghai Er

to make money a dragon

now this society is an extreme expansion of material desire in money has become a lifelong pursuit of the things most people. Win in the word "Bei" we can account for the money. Money and our life is good or bad, the enjoyment of the material of high and low status, not small and so on are closely related, very obsessed with money and lost a lot, as the last stage hit "Beijing love story" tells of a naked money Google. Shanghai dragon Er is also a profitable occupation, do the real purpose of the optimization is of course to earn some money. Optimized >

time, money, money can not this sentence for us to optimize the staff too. As the optimization personnel we need to have a good time. Optimization of a site specific how much time the station, how long will it take to see a certain effect, the construction of the chain to how to arrange, how much is the amount of every day. We only have a good sense of time, timely completion of the optimization task that we developed, can make a difference in the optimization.

need to have a sense of crisis Betty:

death: Shanghai dragon Er

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