As a popular website on how to optimize the site

computer and other websites is a bit different. For the grass-roots webmaster, most web sites run by improving site traffic, and then make money through advertising. The website of computer professional graduation design way, mainly through the website to share and display related products, and providing services to users through the sharing of profits. So, the computer is required for graduation design quality flow, but more concerned about website visitors. So, the site in the optimization of the time, it must be clear, we share to users is a service that is truly interested in the product, as well as other products website, grasp the needs of users, to clear the site optimization direction.

users really care about the graduation design of computer information and product information. So in the design, should pay attention to this point. To imagine yourself as a customer, imagine product navigation features they need – simple to help them find the products, convenient search to help.

so, core computer graduation design website and the vast majority of the site, is to build their own service value and brand awareness, here on your own website optimization experience.

is the first to create their own unique

 The graduation design website

here, single page website once popular, only one page, it introduces a product that is basically a graphic description of the form in the last leave a contact address. Don’t look down upon this website, I have a friend, after giving a slimming products single page website done optimization promotion period, no eight by her website, but the website has continued for several years to bring him the user, until the rise of the mobile Internet, his clients gradually I think this is reduced, in order to fully reflect the value of a website, do not need gorgeous bedding, meet the needs of users is the first factor.

to the user and the demand in the first place

web page and home page style should be consistent. You can choose a different style according to their own characteristics. At the same time, should pay attention to try to make it simple simple simple! For users to access the site, the main purpose of understanding of the relevant material design and collection of computer graduate and experience. So the website design without spending a lot of time to establish various brilliant website effect, less small animation, less javascript. Users are not about these, and this is conducive to the site performance, such as fast open web pages etc..


see a lot about the promotion of the website optimization, various articles, although the industry is different, but the truth is probably about the same, so it can get a lot of useful things, however, about the computer system website such niche optimization, but rarely, below, I will combine practical experience, to share the optimization and promotion of computer graduates the design of the site and you.


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