Shanghai dragon Er how to turn pressure into motivation

to do the best to optimize the statistical work, the collection of every web site, keyword ranking, website backlinks as much as a finish, so that we can keep track of the status of the website, this ranking is down, we we have to analyze what causes the decline in ranking, ranked in the US. What is the website? Flow down, so we have to determine what is the reason? Is the special ranking dropped, or included down, or web server problems can’t open phenomenon, at least we can according to the specific reasons, take concrete measures.

the first thing we want to do in the face of huge pressure is to adjust the good mentality, if you are responsible for a new station on the line just a few months, then you will want to put all the keywords ranking do it all home in a month, which is not realistic, optimization need time, not just technology. Sometimes the site is down right, ranking dropped substantially, many owners are not calm down, let the editors day add dozens of articles, the purpose is to increase the number of included, but that can guarantee the quality of final result? Just right down, or by K, so we should consider the current the present situation of the website, in reasonable demand, take reasonable measures to promote the site.

tracking site

said er’s job is to do the Shanghai dragon 80% is repetitive work, and 20% from the record.

four, make a reasonable target

two, from the details of starting


as a Shanghai dragon Er optimization personnel, can bear certain pressure, we work hard every day, the final result can only be assessed by the owner of a word, love Shanghai algorithm is updated every day, every day we will not face the same results coming, sometimes there will be joy, sometimes there will be sad, but we must be in normal state of mind to face, especially the industry website, first degree of competition is very large, the selection of key words is also very much in line on the website in the first half, may not see any effect, and is facing tremendous pressure to the boss, how to put the pressure into power, the keyword ranking and traffic continue to improve, and everyone today to analyze, as a Shanghai dragon Er personnel how to alleviate the pressure of

? , an attitude adjustment

for an industry website, the website structure is very large, the keyword is very much also, some Shanghai dragon Er sees a website do not have confidence in the promotion, in fact we can imagine it as a big box full of apples, so we only have one by one apple after eating, not anxious and we can start from the details, from the front page of the site – site navigation page – Website – website column page article pages – the website of the product page, according to the website keyword competition degree, gradually extended, so that we will have more power to observe their performance.

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