How to analyze and solve the analysis of local tourism website after being punished


, to determine whether a site is really punish

for example, the author is responsible for the Guizhou tourism website, a big update after the end of the month’s ranking, weight and flow, this time I do not hurry hurry, firstly check whether the site was punished, from the content, chain, chain and other aspects to check, look at yourself what do the cheating and garbage outside the chain, all of these can check, if after the examination did not find these factors, then I will wait for a period of time, to observe whether it is possible to restore the site rankings and the weight, and then to decide what needs to be done.

recently the author has been responsible for the optimization of tourism website, every afternoon will go to the major tourist group in exchange in some other areas of the site chain, but I found that many local travel website punished, causing the site Links being down, or local travel website be punished even after the reason did not find direct web site structure of local tourism website huoxianhuoshen. When I find such a problem in the optimization of personnel exchanges and several tourist sites are being punished, after the travel sites do not know how to face, just blindly impatient, but eat hot tofu, so according to the experience of their own experiences and the local tourism website webmaster exchange, how to analysis and solution of the local tourism website after being punished.

first, decide if you really be punished. The site is already being punished It is quite common for the phenomenon, so each update will be punished, the site came right or be K, in fact, I think these are surprising phenomenon, tourism websites have been punished enough is a good site is not optimized, the love of Shanghai after the big update the site was punished, some slight punishment some serious punishment, the website is punished, but according to the station to do their own experience, if the site did not rank, weight, flow, do not worry, we must first determine whether the site really is punished by the judge, after again to wait for the next a little love Shanghai updated website whether can be restored, but the big website if it does not check their.

two, be honest with yourself, whether for the white hat

second, be honest with yourself, whether for optimization >

with the arrival of summer tourism, the increasing number of tourists, and can think of this summer’s more and more, so that the local travel agency business is hot, however, many travel agencies have adopted two kinds of online and offline travel mode for the visitors, especially every travel agency has its own tourism website specifically, to provide local tourist attractions, local tourist routes, local tourism Raiders and local travel tips for love tourists. At present, due to a large number of local tourism websites and a gathering of many people appear together on the Internet, from time to time will occur the local tourism website is love Shanghai punishment phenomenon, which is responsible for the tourism website owners concern.

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