The first day of work should as soon as possible into the optimization work

today the first day of work, with a little excitement into the company, can’t wait to open the website, web based data analysis, website ranking and website, fortunately, everything is normal, he is responsible for several website operation only snapshot some lag outside, other are good, so, as the first return false day, how should we analyze your

second, one by one is to update the site as soon as possible. The author is responsible for the enterprise more, during the Spring Festival can be said that the site has been at a standstill, his return to his home, without the Internet, the website update has been at a standstill, I believe that many webmaster and similar to my situation, even if there is also immersed in the Internet because over years of happiness, the work has been thrown away and we be serious about website content update so closed off after the first thing, or to protect the quality of content, not because the number to be updated more will ignore the quality, is the key content has been optimized, which we can not be discarded at any time.


third, through the station platform to see the new trends of optimization. I have always thought that website optimization is a change of work very quickly, these days because the holiday has been isolated and closed off after the return, we will be as far as possible with the third party power to make up for their own knowledge, climb the move, arm lengthening, and see far. Along the wind call, the sound of non plus disease, and it is clear. That is to be good at using foreign objects, and use the common third party platform A5 search, Shanghai Longfeng class good site famous Shanghai dragon why, as a webmaster after we leave, if not timely attention to the latest information industry optimization, the best position the platform is the first time we learn and understand.

fourth, in a calm mood gradually enter into the working state. The author found that the false return, my heart seems to come back yet, still reviewing the New Year Spring Festival, street, relatives and firecrackers that a festive atmosphere, take their own can quickly enter the working state, this is very normal, but as a webmaster we are fighting in the first line of the Internet, the whole enterprise sales network marketing is the core, while Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very important link in marketing, as a webmaster we should recognize the importance of their work by.

first, the most basic data analysis. We received fake return the first thing is to analyze your data, whether Shanghai love big update, website ranking is stable data is an invisible hand, the details I do not want to repeat that, for example, the site included status, whether there is a downward trend, the changes of the website chain, through the web log analysis of stability the state space, site traffic is stable, aiming at the above problems, we will carry out one by one analysis and problem solving, look at problems of their own website, or love Shanghai database problems, should be treated the same, find out ways and strategies to solve the problem.

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