PPC bidding software never told you the low cost strategy

strategies: maximum budget

with the advent of big data era, the Internet industry has emerged out of a new group of —PPC management tools, they developed a variety of PPC management system, which is one of the key commitments with bidding strategy through intelligent bidding algorithm to maximize the reduction of the cost per click. At present, the PPC management system are: Axis, blue core, precision master, small head intelligent promotion software etc.. But eventually, the core algorithm of these software operation is through part with love Shanghai bidding or noble baby AdWords variable data analysis first and then adjust the bidding, in order to reduce cost. The best way to provide the system itself does not set bidding, but does not provide a direct algorithm, in other words, they give only a tool, and what we need is a complete PPC strategy.

methods mentioned above are the maximum budget as a starting point, we need to observe the different dimensions of the index and to improve and optimize the promotion plan. However, no matter how to change the promotion plan, will eventually produce similar results, only slight differences in the level of execution skills.

many companies paid search will have a fixed budget, and want to spend money wisely, simply say, whether this money is one thousand block or one hundred thousand, need to obtain the highest conversion income within budget. Usually, you can from two aspects to start:


companies are hoping to get a high reputation and visibility, in order to shape the brand tall on the image, and become the leading enterprise in the industry. To search marketing, branding is the best location search node >

, to reduce the cost of PPC does not require advanced algorithm, not only the PPC management tools to complete. Although the core strategy of bid the myriads of changes, but from my experience, reduce the cost of only three major strategies, namely the maximum budget, the top show strengthen brand promotion and revenue capacity maximization, in practice only choose one.

clicks: if the site’s quality is good, show the amount is relatively considerable, but consumption is often not up to budget, you need to click on the premise of maintaining cost control, improve site traffic. This can improve the bid, expand and improve the click rate and optimize keyword advertisement to achieve. Of course, in order to achieve the established budget expenditures, all the projects can be adjusted or improved.


strategy two: through the top show, strengthen brand promotion

In fact,

cost reduction: in the face of the Internet is almost infinite opportunity to show, we adopt the core strategy should be to reduce the cost per click, so as to attract more hits (and conversion). Generally speaking, the need for refinement and adjustment of word selection, including matching types, negative keywords, reduce the bid, and pay close attention to the average position.

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