Based on the demand of how to do website optimization

, 4 new demand innovation

(3) know, know that the user home appears a Q & a demand, website can set the FAQ section. Such as medical

1, from the drop-down box and relevant search demand

demand analysis, is a guiding analysis. Why do you say that? >

users do not know what time you need, or that the user does not know she may need a certain function, but when the demand placed in front of the user when he will use very comfortable.

(2). Search is the last month of data, from the relevant search can be drawn over the past month users concerned about the content, experience with the Shanghai dragon drop-down box to see the data after the keyword search trends. The enterprise should pay more attention to the relevant station search data.

Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Liu Bing is how to do demand in the optimization of classroom talk about web site optimization process?

(1) droplist, keyword search more appears in the drop-down box is on the top, the important degree is decreasing. Keywords the drop-down box to form a relatively short time, you can see the latest hot short time users attention. If it is updated very fast industry can be registered content for keywords ranking.

love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search is commonly used to analyze user demand data, the drop-down box is the last week of users the most search related words, search is the last month of users the most search words.

website optimization of how to do

Based on the decoration

2, from the search rankings to see hidden needs

(4) library, home library users have appeared download demand, website can provide free download link.

(1) images, the home page love Shanghai picture shows that users are more concerned about the picture, the website should have more clear picture. For example,

(2) Post Bar, love Shanghai Post Bar that users have discussed demand, website can do a forum. For example, Shanghai dragon forum

from the main search keywords ranking in Shanghai love home sites, from the top of the website can know the user will be more love what type of website. Such as pictures, Post Bar, know, library search and so on, such as sheep, whether in the drop-down box inside, inside or in the relevant search page ranking inside to see the sheep, indicating that the user has a strong demand to discuss such industries, more suitable for the type of website forum.

3, from the QQ group and Post Bar demand

this method is deeply user center, to see them in the usual communication in what happened, what problems have been solved, if the solution on your website can be a very good question, then you will be able to win a large number of users.

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