Sogou search engine China Li steel the demographic dividend is not the end


Li Gang: our progress in cooperation with the Tencent is very smooth, we can only search the contents of the public number to the WeChat search engine in the search field, love Shanghai now to search. We hope that cooperation with the Tencent can form one plus one is greater than two silencing, we gradually launched their own products based on various Tencent, such as WeChat search public number, Tencent in the browser Sogou search, cooperation is very smooth, hope for the future in the field of mobile search for the dog to a higher level.

Li Gang: in recent years is the rapid development of the market, two, a people of search behavior will be more and more accepted, now the search threshold is still relatively high, such as typing, search results, release information, search the demographic dividend is not the end, but also to enhance. Mobile search will be greatly improved, I estimate that this year will greatly exceed, the future will be transferred from PC to mobile, mobile search will be faster, the next few years is the development of the state.

Li Gang: the first new product or to the Tencent to further strengthen the functions of WeChat search, WeChat search public numbers, it is now our love with Shanghai great difference, expected at the end of this year or early next year, the number of public number will be more and more, a large proportion of the future is that WeChat is reading in the reading, not PC reading. The first piece of the whole search through better service, to further increase its market share sogou. Second Sogou input method, mobile phone input method for mobile phone is the first large volume market share, we now hope that the monopoly of the mobile phone input method, at the end of this year will achieve this goal.

Sina: the future of the mobile terminal will be what new plan, or the second half of next year will launch a new product

Li Gang: at present the development of Sogou, the last quarter revenue of $120 million, the whole has also made a profit, Sogou basically every quarter has increased dramatically, especially Sogou mobile search, Sogou mobile search is the main field, has been China second major search engine, we have 17% of the market share, this is Sogou now very good development in the mobile space, the main goal this year to further enhance the share of mobile.

the future, Sogou will increase development efforts in the mobile terminal, will launch more hardware products. (boony)


technology news July 22nd, senior director of Sogou marketing division Li Gang said of Sina Technology in Chinese Internet Conference, China search engine is not the end of the demographic dividend.

Sina: how we progress and Tencent

Sina: how do you see the China search engine

Li Gang said that in recent years the rapid development of Chinese search engine market, on the one hand, more and more users use search engines, on the other hand, the progress of mobile Internet will promote the development of search engine.

The following is an interview with: what?

Sina: you talk about the current situation of the development of Sogou mobile.


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