The analysis of the competition of Shanghai dragon from the start

there is competition in the market, in Shanghai in the field of dragon has the same reason. Of course, this is more conducive to the future development of the industries and enterprises, the competitiveness can promote greater tonic, closed door policy has not been able to adapt to the current social development. Only the analysis of the competition advantages and disadvantages in full according to their actual situation data comparison, to be able to get a better experience, allow enterprises to better development in the competition, so as not to be eliminated. As a non grass root level of grassroots webmaster, on the analysis of competitors should start from what? Especially the competition situation of Shanghai dragon. In the practical application process also accumulated a lot of experience, to share here, hope that the webmaster friends of mutual support, mutual study, growth and progress together.

1, a competitor to the

layout is particularly important in the Shanghai dragon, so you want to better deploy their own keywords website, must go to mining valuable potential competitors website. The page title tag, directly view the industry website from the search engine results page description, find the highlights and shortcomings, combined with their own site can Yangchangbuduan be more perfect. Not only that, should be more in-depth understanding of competitors within the keyword layout, the three plates, understand their home page column page, content page keywords layout, understand competitors keywords competition, whether there is value, whether the transaction type keywords, whether there is untapped potential keywords, the keywords on the analysis of the competition the layout of the time often is particularly important, its importance can not be ignored. Take a look at sites, make a comparison, if you are a user, you love a website, if you feel your website in the subjective thinking are not as good as the other sites, you can say the site is an out of the site, change is a pressing matter of the moment.

site structure analysis is to observe your.


analysis of rival Shanghai Longfeng situation should study more level, whether it is the analysis of the surface, must start from the basic information website, analysis of the site’s robots.txt file settings, sitemap.xml site map and 404 pages, especially to see source code information from the source code, can grasp the information structure of the link the site, analyzing the source code of the standard and planning, combined with their own website source code analysis and advantages, promote the growth of. Not only is the source code, which is also very important to the structure of the site, the site is the main structure of the front design and background link structure, these two aspects must be in-depth analysis and research, because it is directly related to the user experience and search engine experience, the more perfect site structure tends to be more conducive to search engine spiders crawl and crawl. More use of the user’s reading behavior.

2, competitor analysis and code structure

keyword layout analysisKeywords

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