Mix boy cause the site to drop right and save method

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site is down right simple search engines do not love you, you fell out of favour, we use conventional words search engine down to trust you, give your scores decreased, you can’t trust the

space or server problem: it is generally because the space is not stable, often suspended or what, there is a small possibility that you have this server below other sites lead to other sites throughout extreme cheating under the server involved. In some things on the space for the web site for space sharing experience is more detailed inside I said these problems, interested can see

solution: to remedy when it happens, and in the use of a competitor to the chain which I said, if he is to make a connection, you can do 2, followed him to do, here is the same reason, if an external links you lost, then you to do the same link, do a few.

4, in the program: some new friends on the site after the line, think this program is not good, there is more love program, then the program will change, which will cause the URL path change to give you drop right processing, in fact with first is the same reason, as long as the changes, not often frequent after treatment a short period of time, can be completely restored, at least I have met many such questions, whether the client asked me to exchange or for some reason to change, finally I can recover, the reason is very simple, because I >

solution: don’t get rid of the title of the website, can change, but don’t frequent, sometimes appropriate to change the title can effectively improve rankings,



2, external links a problem: I believe we have met this problem, including I also met several times in the previous article, I also have a website that I charge in the field last year, published in the B2B website information, because there is a time limit, the chain is released in a period all the time lost, then the main keywords this site before 3 at once to hundreds, including our exchange Links is the same, if all of a sudden someone you delete the link, it is likely that your website will appear short right down, but generally will recover after a short time.

solution: choose a good space, choose a good home, is important, so a good choice!


1, the website frequently changed the title: some personal experience inside said this problem before I change the title of the article on the website, the website title do not easily give up, even if the change should be a reasonable use, but do not frequently change. Very simple, this is your character today, tomorrow is another manifestation of the character, in short, you change your character every day, people around you will begin to feel that you don’t trust you, is not a problem, you should reconsider the


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