The noble baby made a difficult decision close attention to service alliance.

days ago, the Internet giant Google has revealed that this was in 2008 launched the "noble baby advertising alliance" (noble baby Affiliate Network) will be at the end of the next few months. It will focus on advertising (including PLA product listings, product listing ads, PLA), other CPA advertising pricing model, re positioning and optimization of the marketing.

JJ Hirschle supervisor

Affiliate Network is the predecessor of noble baby is Doubleclick Performics, is the baby launched after the acquisition of Doubleclick Performics CPA advertising business. The purpose is to help customers increase CTR and online orders, get the highest possible return.

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will close its partner network, and then focus on other CPA (cost per action, according to the advertising advertising effect pricing) product marketing.

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franchisees can continue through the noble baby AdSense profit promotion, and can use other tools such as PLA CPA oriented advertising and marketing and optimization. These areas are developing rapidly, we will continue to focus on investment in these areas.

noble baby advertising alliance said in a blog post, in the next few months, the new product will meet with you soon. "We continue to evaluate our products, to ensure that we provide the most valuable customer service. To this end, we made a tough decision, removed the noble baby advertising alliance, focusing on other customers can bring results, "he said.

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