On the misunderstanding of enterprise website structure

In fact, on the

account and password is to maintain the nature of the work, but there are still a lot of people is to use admin as a simple account and password, the insurance nature is not good at all, to maintain a good website security is so first of all we need to do the work, regardless of where it is to be carried out.

about the enterprise website title, there are still a lot of the title of the site directly is the name of the company, believe the enterprise name can really represent their corporate website image, believe each Shanghai dragon ER and the boss of this time, there are pressures, but the title is the face of the company, only really pay attention to the better maintenance area, about how to write the title in order to highlight the image of the enterprise and maintain the company’s products or walk the road of the brand, let other people say.


this situation is generally some general, the company’s product page in the sidebar, is only a product page, but a lot of product pages, even some news page is next to the product page and not the same type of new.

five, focus on product and ignore the news

three, the backstage account and password simple

website station links, this aspect, I believe there are a total link of the site will be less and less, but there are still many websites Links is the station link, can not say that such a link is good, in fact, on this link, I don’t want to change, perhaps, will be called I am silly, but, this is not the main link of insurance, if it is a large web station link to do so, which one day just for the only link home page, so to lose the chain damage site is directly down the right, to understand, in the link in the construction of the station link and home link even in those links to sell the website also has the obvious difference of the price.


four, long time not update and maintenance, do not check


website is not updated no vitality, is a qualified network maintenance personnel need to know, the update is let understand, my website is dynamic; and worse is the site was linked to the black chain is not found, this is the most serious, black chain to the website often hurt he is blocked, a website, and not easily won, black chain is directly down the right site horse, a large number of hidden links and so on are what we need to be found.

two, the station link

remember when the internship, beginning to take over the company’s own website station, is to maintain it, but found that the company website is really feel the title a lot of pressure to see the impact of too many users experience the operation, may sometimes enterprise website can only be for job seekers to view the information above. However, a good corporate website also has the most powerful influence for network promotion. Then, you go on to the next place which need to pay attention to.

, enterprise website title

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