Get 9 Tips StumbleUpon social flow

8, using an account and an identity. Attention can improve the quality of. If you deceive or cheat, although it may have a temporary effect, but it may be closed, there may be any service will prohibit the use of StumbleUpon.


wrote a great title and description. When you stumble your article, take time for this article you wrote a great title and description is totally worth it. The title and description can attract other users to view your submitted content, vague title and description is not helpful to other users.

3, from different sources with different Stumble content. Take the time from different blog or news site stumble exciting content text, pictures, video etc.. Only stumble you really want to share with other users, you will pay attention.

5, opened the first paragraph. For a successful social bookmarking, this is a rule that is always right.

The only regret is:

7, and make friends. The introduction of Gmail, Facebook and Twitter from friends, take the time to get to know other users of StumbleUpon, and try to deal with them.

2, don’t let Stumble fill your own content. To avoid the stumble own content, is one of the unwritten rules of StumbleUpon. But this does not mean that you really can submit their own content, in fact, other users submit once your content more than ten stumble.

9, if you find a love oneself website, want to share with others, how to do? You can put the site posted on their StumbleUpon by category of the label, so that other users can find it.

StumbleUpon can be said to be from a web browser toolbar plug-in developed above, the main function of the 80% is done by a small plug-in. Now, StumbleUpon has become one of the top social media, it is very important to improve website traffic function. Here are a few collected about how to get traffic through the StumbleUpon collection class experience:

The introduction of

6, the content is king. However, the first paragraph is not everything. If your article is garbage, a bookmark is useless for them. You may cheat the user once, but do not expect users will repeat visits. So your article content is the most important.

StumbleUpon on Chinese support is not good, "

1, it is called "time killer", so I suggest you do not use it in time.

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