Get 9 Tips StumbleUpon social flow

8, using an account and an identity. Attention can improve the quality of. If you deceive or cheat, although it may have a temporary effect, but it may be closed, there may be any service will prohibit the use of StumbleUpon.


wrote a great title and description. When you stumble your article, take time for this article you wrote a great title and description is totally worth it. The title and description can attract other users to view your submitted content, vague title and description is not helpful to other users. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing love Shanghai know article


in the last year, love Shanghai know the links or stay relatively good, as long as your level is greater than or equal to four, then you can know in the left link, but now is not how effective, the deleted probability is very high, but it is a kind of force method, the success rate is not just high. Then how to stay? This would need to stay in the format you reference: baidu.zhidao.www xxx贵族宝贝 /sdjsds / DSD A / DS, the benefits of doing so can leave links; disadvantages: leave link is not much hope. read more